söndag 31 januari 2010

Invierno en Suecia

Hola Sevilla, dentro de dos meses nos vemos y esperamos no tener tanta nieve y frío entonces... Hoy hace -19 grados y ha nevado.

Todos los 32 alumnos de Suecia os dan la bienvenida y pronto sabréis quien será vuestro sueco/sueca...

Aquí os saludo con una foto de hoy del lago Vättern.


måndag 9 november 2009

Responsable de grupo

Who is the "group manager"? Yeah right...lol.

Here we visited the cathedral in Seville and it was a fantastic view from the top of Giralda.

To the left you see a part of the tomb of Columbus, inside the cathedral.

Chat with the oldies. Sweet women!

On Guadalquivir with kayak. This photo is taken just before the water war.

Here you can play waterbasket. If you try you get 100% wet...

Relax on a bar in the river.

The bullfightarena.

onsdag 4 november 2009


On tuesday we went to Cordoba. It was 120km with bus from Seville. Here we vistited La Mezquita, from the beginning a moorish mosque, built 785-787 AD.

Impressive architecture!

Small alley...really picturesque.

Near by Cordoba are remains from a huge palace...400 rooms. It was a gift to a princess.

tisdag 3 november 2009


I think we all had a good sleep our first night in Spain. I fell asleep at once I saw the pillow.

Monday. We started with breakfast at school...Mc Jamon!

Wow...sun and blue sky! We also visited one of the university i Seville. There we meet two students from Sweden. Interesting.

In the afternoon we had gymkana in town.

The beautiful cathedral in Seville.
To be continue...


Finally we reached our destination...Sevilla.
It struck me that there are a lot of tiles in Sevilla...and I like it.

Plaza de Espana

Santa Cruz, the old town.

Real Alcazar

Plaza de Espana

Once upon a time...

Here start the story when Fenix went to Spain. The 27th of september we took the bus to the airport in Copenhagen, Kastrup. It was a cold and grey day and all of us were full of expectation.

In Madrid we had to change flight.

A lot of hugs and happy faces.

And here are all the students.
My english is not so good but I hope you understand.
/Pallis Theacher

tisdag 27 oktober 2009

I´m in...

Now I´m invited to write on this blog...fun. As you know...I like to take a lot of pictures and did so in Spain as well. I will soon update the blog with my photos. To day was just a test to see that it works....

Look in the glases...

/Pallis, teacher